Fauxtest 2014


Friday, February 7, 2014

Fauxtest Rally – Dolores Park 5:15 PM

Fauxtest March – From Dolores down Valencia St. 5:55 PM

 Bring a sign and a flashlight!

Facebook Event Page


Comedy Central: “San Francisco’s Fauxtest 2013 proves the city has a sense of humor about itself.”

SF Fun & Cheap: “Upset over the ban on nudity? Annoyed at Sunday meters? Want to one-up the Westboro Baptist Church? Put it on a sign, bring your loud voice and join the Fauxtest.”

Huffington Post: “Best SF protest ever?”

SF Egotist: “Fight the Faux Power!”

Laughing Squid: “Ridiculous signs are encouraged.”

Uptown Almanac”Proving that irony can still be found in the Mission despite the turbulent times, the second annual SF Fauxtest aims to amuse and bewilder with a protest designed to air petty annoyances, chant against chanting, and generally tease protest culture.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fauxtest sign ideas!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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